Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Morning update.....

Well, we didn't get very encouraging news this morning. We thought his pneumonia was getting better but it's not. The chest x-ray they took yesterday and the one they took this morning shows that it's actually may be getting worse. The hardest part to hear this morning was that the doctor doesn't believe that he's going to beat the pneumonia. He even said that the confusion that he is experiencing might be because of the lack of oxygen getting to his body. His stats are still okay but his lungs may not be spreading it well throughout his body. Dad is very restless and did not sleep again last night. The doctor also wants us to start thinking about our options from here on out. He mentioned a nursing home and hospice. Honestly, from the outside it looked like he was getting a little better and we were hoping he would be home for Christmas, so it was pretty hard to hear the news this morning.

At the same time, we know that God can heal him at any moment and we don't want to give up on that hope. Our prayer is that God will let us have him for many more years! We know God is sovereign and that His will is perfect so we will trust Him no matter what. Please keep praying!!
We took this picture on Thanksgiving Day.

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