Saturday, December 10, 2011

A celebration of his life...

These past two days we celebrated Dad's life and had to say goodbye to his time here on earth. We stood for 4 hours straight on Thursday listening to how much of an impact my Dad had on people. We received lots of hugs and many tears were shed. It was such a blessing to hear how much he meant to people and how much he was loved.

 The Mass was beautiful, touching and such a wonderful way to send him back to Lord. The eulogy, given by our Aunt Mary, was perfect in every way. It touched all aspects of his life and personified him beautifully. The burial was cold, yet fitting as Father Eric committed his body to the ground. An Indy 500 race flag was added as a final touch.

Finally, a celebration luncheon was held at Mike's Dance Barn, where all gathered for food and fellowship. It was a beautiful blend of all the different people that loved my Dad. We listened to some live bluegrass music as the grandkids danced around. He would have loved that the best. He loved live music and he loved his grandkids.

It was a perfect tribute!
We can not thank everyone enough for the support you gave to us over these two months and most recently these past few days. Thank you for bringing food, giving cards, flowers and gifts. Thank you for setting up and cleaning up for the luncheon. Thank you to the guys who graciously used their gift of music to entertain us. Thank you also for all the hugs, stories, prayers and love that you poured out upon us. As you have loved us, you are at the same time honoring and loving my Dad. He would have been happy to know that you all loved us so well during this time.
I plan to use this blog as a place that I can remember my Dad, so feel free to keep stopping by as we all continue in our grief!

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